Who are the Odessa 40?

In April 2011, 40 individuals and members of groups who were active in the broad “change” agenda in Ireland met in the Odessa Club in Dublin. The purpose of this group was to explore ways in which the groups could meet each other and share ideas and their experiences in a neutral venue without necessarily endorsing each others ideas or initiatives. In June at second meeting this website was conceived as a way to bring those experiences to an online environment.

How can I join Odessa 40?

Odessa Forty is not a group. No-one can “join” it and no-one is a “member” of the Odessa 40. The name is simply a convenient way for individuals and groups concerned with growing the “change” agenda in Ireland and the role that citizens play in our state.

How can I contribute something to this website?

If you are involved in a group or an initiative relevant to the broad agenda of the Odessa 40, you can request access to this site by contacting the core group here.

If there is no “group” then who maintains this website?

At the second meeting a small number of participants — Chris Chapman, Peter O’Brien, Dara Mac Domhnaill and Oliver Moran and Denis Parfenov — volunteered to act as a “core group”. The purpose of the “core group” is simply to maintain a minimum level of organisation in order to get things done (such as booking venues, sending out emails, facilitating meetings, etc.) Membership of the “core group” is dynamic comes with no special authority. At any time, new people might take over these tasks.


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