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Common statement from meeting of 4 June 2011

What is emerging is the need for a neutral space for groups and individuals who are trying to contribute to growing a culture of citizen engagement / active citizenship

This space will enable us to:

  • Explore different perspectives
  • Share information, learning and ideas including learning from mistakes and experiments
  • Think together
  • Avoid duplication
  • Co-create initiative that emerge organically and which may achieve critical mass

To work, this space needs:

  • Regular gatherings which nourish us, inform us, build relationships and stimulate initiatives
  • An online manifestation which works for everyone
  • A small core group to make sure things work to meet identified needs.


One thought on “Common statement from meeting of 4 June 2011

  1. Thank you Oliver for making this site happen.

    I look forward with interest to see how it does / doesn’t meet needs.

    Good luck


    Posted by Chris Chapman | June 8, 2011, 11:06 am

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